Physics Alumni Day

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March 7, 2024 1:59 PM
BB 5161.0267


The Physics Alumni Day is here, made possible by the joint efforts of T.F.V. 'Professor Francken' and FMF. This event aims to give you a perspective into what awaits you after your study in either Physics or Applied Physics. The speakers have walked in your shoes and sat through the same lectures as you, and now their careers have developed into either staying in academia or moving to industry. On the 7th of March starting at 13:00, you get the chance to hear about the path and experience in the current field from alumni of (Applied) Physics who are now working either in industry or academia. The event will be held in BB5161.0267. You can sign up here: !

At 17:00 we will have pizza and drinks, for you to get to socialise with the alumni in a casual setting. The event itself is free. The pizza will cost up to 4 euros and provided by the pizzeria at the Zernike Food Court! The deadline to sign-up for pizza is March 13th at noon. Here you can find the programme of the event:

13:00 - Walk-in 13:25 - Jeroen Jetten (Camunda) 14:00 - Coffee Break 14:15 - Marco Glastra (Implementation Consultant) 14:45 - Coffee Break 15:00 - Floris Harmanni (Teacher) 15:30 - Robbert Scholtens (PhD-Student) 16:00 - Coffee Break 16:15 - Panel Discussion 17:00 - Pizza & Drinks